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Call: 631-316-8350
Ready-to-Plate Specialty Desserts for Foodservice
MaximoPino Artisanal Gelato produces a totally unique line of ultra-premium ready-to-plate, portion-controlled gelato specialty desserts.

Every item is handmade using the highest quality, locally sourced and imported ingredients.

Our groundbreaking line of specialty desserts features delicious:

  • Gelato Tartufo’s - in convenient shapes and unique flavors
  • Gelato Cakes - combining layers of gelato and traditional cake
  • Gelato Sliders - artisanal gelato and homemade cookies
  • Gelato Mini Bars - artisanal gelato hand dipped in rich chocolate
  • Gelato Brownie Squares - artisanal gelato & homemade brownies
  • Liqueur-Infused Gelato - bourbon vanilla, irish cream, amaretto
  • Traditional Gelato in 2.5 liter pans

We also offer pre-sliced, 10 inch European Style traditional cakes, tortes, and cheesecakes.

Our artisanal specialty deserts are ready-to-plate, portion controlled, require no additional labor, and will almost certainly increase your dessert sales!​