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Call: 631-316-8350
The MaximoPino Artisanal Gelato Company
The MaximoPino Artisanal Gelato Company is based in New York, our products are manufactured fresh daily at our local, small-batch production facility and delivered direct to locations in all five boroughs.​

MaximoPino Artisanal Gelato and Sorbetto was formulated in Italy by a Master Gelato Chef.  We manufacture it the old-world way using the finest imported ingredients for intense full flavor with a dense, rich, creamy texture.

After tasting MaximoPino Artisanal Gelato, your customers will immediately notice the difference!

"The gelato was the best I have ever had"
~City Search

"The gelato was by far the best I've ever had"

"Just had the best gelato since coming back from Italy"

"The best sorbet I've ever had"